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Same-Day Repairs for Most AC Brands & Models 

When your air conditioning system isn’t working at full efficiency, it can create extreme discomfort and higher monthly utility costs. A&E is a family owned and operated business offering quality AC repair in Yucaipa, CA and surrounding areas. On every job, we focus on delivering quality work and HVAC services that create lifetime clients. 

If your AC unit isn’t working right, call (909) 325-7220 or contact us online to book your AC repair in Yucaipa.

24/7 Air Conditioning Repair

A&E is the perfect choice for homeowners and businesses alike who need prompt, reliable air conditioning repair service. We offer 24/7 emergency repair services to ensure that you don't have to wait in uncomfortable conditions while waiting for a technician to arrive at your door the next morning. Our team of highly trained professionals use the latest technology to diagnose your AC unit quickly and accurately, so that you can be sure your repairs will last. A&E is highly rated for AC repair in Yucaipa, and we hold up to that reputation every time.

What to Do When the AC Isn’t Working 

In many situations, it’s not difficult to tell when your air conditioning system needs a repair. You'll probably notice. However, knowing what to do when the system is still running or the trouble seems minor is not always clear. Fortunately, your AC unit will usually let you know when something isn’t right. Being aware of these signs makes it easier to recognize a problem. 

The air conditioner needs attention when you notice: 

  • Warm air: If the air coming from your vents is warm or hot, check the thermostat to make sure it is set correctly. If the air conditioner is on and switched to cooling, the problem could be a compressor issue or a problem with the airflow. 
  • Weak airflow: Insufficient airflow is a sign that something is stopping the air from moving freely. This could be a dirty filter, a dead motor, or another problem. 
  • Frequent cycling: The air conditioning system cycles on and off, as needed, to keep the house cool. The system should not be cycling on and off constantly. This is known as short cycling, and it is a sign of a problem. 
  • Excessive humidity: Your AC unit keeps the house cool and controls the humidity level. If the system is running but the house still feels humid, it’s best to have an experienced HVAC technician take a look. 
  • Leaks: If you notice a leak or water pooling around the AC system, a technician can determine if the problem is a water leak or refrigerant leak. Any leak can indicate a problem with the system and put your home at risk of water damage. 
  • Loud noises: You know what your air conditioner normally sounds like. If you notice grinding, rattling, or another unusual noise, a part may be damaged or loose. 
  • Higher cooling costs: We expect our home cooling costs to increase when the weather gets hot and we use the system more. However, if the bills are rising and you haven’t used the system more, there may be a problem that needs attention. 

Even if your problem seems minor, it is best to call for repairs when something isn’t working as it should. AC problems can get more serious with time, which can result in a more expensive fix or the need for AC replacement. Give us a call at (909) 325-7220 or contact us online!



Schedule Reliable AC Repair in Yucaipa

At A&E, we offer quality AC repair in Yucaipa, CA at competitive prices. Our technicians will inform you of the problem that we find with your system and answer your questions. In addition to competitive pricing, we offer a discount of $50 off AC repairs for military and first responders. 

Pinpointing the Cause of Trouble 

The AC repair that is needed to restore your system depends on the problem. The best place to start is with an inspection from a licensed HVAC technician. After locating the problem, your technician will get the system working again quickly, whether the problem is a dirty air filter, refrigerant leak, loose part, or a bigger issue. 

If you want to reduce the need for repairs and ensure reliable cooling all summer long, it’s important to keep up with maintenance. Our service contracts provide regular inspections and tune-ups to keep your unit working at peak efficiency for years of reliable cooling. 

Please call (909) 325-7220 or contact us online to request an appointment for AC repairs in Yucaipa, CA.

  • “They were kind and courteous and didn't price gouge us. I will definitely be calling them for all my AC maintenance needs!”

    Katie N.

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